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            Enterprise vision
            Lead the beautiful economy and build a beautiful enterprise

            Corporate mission
            Be a beautiful angel, create and provide products and services that make customers trust, surprise and touch, and beautify people's lives.

            Core Values
            Customer Achievement: Commitment to Customer Satisfaction and Success; People Orientation: Respect for Personality, Exercising Comprehensive Capabilities, and Supporting Employee Self-Realization; Integrity: Establishing Trust and Responsible Interpersonal Relationships; Truth and Innovation: Pursuit Speed ​​and efficiency, focusing on innovations that affect customers and companies

            Seven continents spirit
            Striving for self-improvement, with great virtue and content-people from seven continents strive to be strong, unite and cooperate, be strict with the law, and use the most perfect products and services to satisfy customers and be socially responsible.

            Management ideas
            Efforts to meet customer needs, abide by the main business of pearls, focus on new product development and product culture introduction, respect talents, adhere to beautiful dreams, full of self-confidence, proud of constant challenges and innovation!

            Management policy
            Do not excessively pursue the rapid growth of sales, and firmly promote a win-win management with customers.

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