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            How to make waffles?

            Waffle, also known as Wofu, tartan, tartan and embossed egg cake, is a kind of pancake, originated in Belgium, baked in a special baking tray.


            Waffles can be served with fresh fruits and vegetables, salad dressing or cream, or with your favorite jam and a glass of milk.


            With ice cream, it's the favorite way for European gourmets to eat. It's cool and refreshing, romantic and pleasant, with unique flavor. Especially suitable for summer!


            Breakfast or afternoon tea, are very suitable!


            Baking materials: 140g low gluten flour, 20g corn starch, 150g thick yogurt, 4G baking powder, 50g salad oil, 2 eggs, 50g sugar




            1. Add sugar to eggs


            2. Beat with electric beater until the color turns white and the volume expands. (it doesn't matter if you can't reach this state.)


            3. Add yogurt and salad oil, stir well.


            4. Sift in flour, baking powder and corn starch.


            5. Stir evenly until there is no particle and flow.


            6. Pour the batter into the lokwai waffle mold.


            7. Preheat the oven, heat 180 ℃, lower 200 ℃, middle and lower layer, bake for 20 minutes. (depending on your oven)


            8. Turn the waffles to golden color and put them on the net to cool.


            9. Take out the ice cream in a box, slightly melt it, easy to operate.


            10. Take a waffle and spread ice cream in the middle. /Baked goods/


            11. Put the other piece on the clip, squeeze it slightly, and put it into the refrigerator to freeze for an hour before eating.

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